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Water and salt: NaCl IMPRESSIONS NaCl Watercolors sodium chloride in water sodium ions ... positive and negative ions dissociate chloride. The electroneutrality is broken.

The molecular spectroscopy of  the greenhouse effect. 
An attempt to understand the molecular basis. 

Available fresh water supplies continue to dwindle as water demand rises from expanding world population, urbanization and industrial development.

"Coming from a material science background, my current work deals primarily with issues regarding science, iconography, and identity.

Cosmoscapes are alternative contemporary landscapes. These works are an internalization of our biosphere expressed through drawing, painting, digital imaging, and video.

"El agua que llega. El agua usada. El agua que podemos llegar a tener."
¿El agua que brota del manantial tiene la misma calidad que la que circula en estas tuberías?