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What might it mean to be oceanic? To act in the world from a place of oceanic consciousness?

The Fourth State Of Water: From Micro To Macro

Centre of Contemporary Art 'Znaki Czasu', Turon, Poland

Dates: Mar 02, 2012 to Apr 29, 2012

As a personal response to waterbodies.org, in the Summer 2017, I started to photograph the Hudson River in Ossining, NY at different times of the day.


After Us, The Flood
The global water-grab and its adversaries

Kunst Haus Wien, Vienna
Wednesday, 31/05/2017, 17:00

Works of the Sci Art Nanolab Team

OBSIDIANA is an interactive installation and cymatic instrument that uses data from light frequencies reflected on water to play patterns created by sound visualization.

The Living Water Project consists of a group of creations, actions and reflections about the water element from an artistic-scientific experimental perspective.

Part of the CURRENT:LA WATER public art biennial, Water Canning is a collective sculpture consisting of glass jars containing water from the region will set the stage for a water a

What: BIRD SONG MIMIC ​– An Art/Science Collaboration Bi-coastal bird/human communication event.

I expected that putting this tiny drop of water on my forehead would make my mind zoom in to the drop, turning my face into some sort of large and unrecognizable landscape.

Take a picture through your jar of water of someone or something living that means a lot to you. Thank the water for making life possible.

Photography & narrative.