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Clara Duran

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From different points of view and fields of study, the work of Clara Durán investigates the relation between water and humans in a symbolic, poetic and holistic way. Her research is framed in the water cycle, representing the solid, the liquid and the gas. In her interdisciplinary practice, she integrates photography, painting, performance, poetry and sound in one piece; analysed through her own synaesthesia.

Clara Durán (Madrid, 1991) graduated in Fine Arts (Universidad Complutense Madrid) with studies at Loyola University Chicago, graduating afterwards from MA Fine Art Digital (University of the Arts London). She works at the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Bucharest and as an independent artist with projects in Spain, UK and Norway. Her working experience includes freelance photography and design, research at LUMA Museum and project development with the renowned artist Javier Vallhonrat, recipient of the Spanish National Photography Prize. She has been awarded several fellowships and prizes and has participated in numerous exhibitions, including her first solo show at Instituto Cervantes of Bucharest.