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Amu Darya River

The Amu Darya (Persian: آمودریا‎‎, Āmūdaryā; Turkmen: Amyderýa; Turkish: Ceyhun; Uzbek: Amudaryo; Tajik: Амударё; Pashto: د آمو سيند‎, da Āmú Sínd; Ancient Greek: Ὦξος, Oxos; Sanskrit: वक्षु, Vakṣu), also called the Amu River and historically known by its Latin name, Oxus, is a major river in Central Asia. It is formed by the junction of the Vakhsh and Panj rivers, at Qal`eh-ye Panjeh in Afghanistan, and flows from there north-westwards into what remains of the Aral Sea. In ancient times, the river was regarded as the boundary between Greater Iran and Turan.[2]

Source: Wikipedia

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