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Tameiki Majiri "Mixing Sighs"

Production: March 2007
Material: faucet, drain port, MP3 player, speaker, voice, etc.

Winner: 2008 "11th Japan Media Arts Festival" Art department (interactive) Jury Recommended Works

Interactive works that viewers loosen the faucet.
Loosening the faucet, sigh who leak such feelings loose.
Voice of sigh that leaked from each of the faucet is mingled at random.
The viewer, not get even with any of the emotions, nestled in was filled with a vague emotional space.

Standing Water

standing water: a soundmap of the gowanus canal
contrabass and tape
commissioned by electronic music foundation for 2010 ear to the earth festival
premiere: 10/30/10 @ white box, nyc

Bridge Whispers

November 2010

An installation on the Brooklyn Bridge. Contact microphones, fed through handmade amplifiers, are attached to the cables and beams of the bridge with strong magnets. Pedestrians can plug directly in to the small boxes and listen to the vibrations of the bridge, hearing the effects of water, wind, and travelers. A rich depth of sound emerges, finally accessible to the human ear.

Made with Liza Stark

2011 CIANT enter5 Festival, Prague

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