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AquaVoltaic is a commentary on the commercial use and abuse of water, and a satire of globalisation and popular media. After buying a consignment of water from a shady Nigerian in Sierra Leone, quixotic Afro-Caribbean ‘businessman’ John Jay-Jay Joseph attempts to smuggle his booty through London and Essex to Outback Australia, where he intends to sell it to a mysterious Aboriginal tribe with magical realist ambitions.


Today on the edge of the now treacherous once-lake moonscape, a ruin remains. This ruin has become the Metabolic Studio’s laboratory for the Optic and Sonic Division. The Optic Division has repurposed on of the silo’s there into a camera. And the buildings have been adapted by the Sonic Division so that they play a sound so sweet that it is capable of shift the sands of the Owens Dry Lake Bed.

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