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Are a set of twelve video installations, video and audio together form a haunting composition.
The sequence of images are landscape shots which I have slowed down and distorted,
which maintain the balance between the moving and still, frames that act as windows.

The audio captured in different places from the images but belonging to the same environment,
causes strangeness, the absence of a relationship with the visuals.
The audio frames the fiction, exaggerating the illusory, staging of the other.

Ritual and Weather


Till Design was founded while making a collaborative drawing in 2001 on an asphalt parking lot surface with two friends. Using paint on rollers and completed over a six month period this drawing was an experiment into a shared question about the shape our body makes in movement, the marks we can make in movement and our perception of those marks in time. The experience of doing this drawing was similar to the act of tilling, that is clearing a ground in which to work, reflect and make a difference.

Veden Taika

Veden Taika (The Magic of Water) consists of three floating islands in Salo, Finland. The islands provide nesting habitat for birds and plant based filtration for improving water quality in the Salo Bird Pools, lagoons that were formerly used in the sewage treatment processes of the Salo Municipal Sewage Treatment Facility. Because an abundance of migrating and nesting birds now use the lagoons, the pools have been established as an EU-directive conservation site. The birds need nesting areas separated from surrounding land to protect the eggs and young birds from predators.

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