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AquaVoltaic is a commentary on the commercial use and abuse of water, and a satire of globalisation and popular media. After buying a consignment of water from a shady Nigerian in Sierra Leone, quixotic Afro-Caribbean ‘businessman’ John Jay-Jay Joseph attempts to smuggle his booty through London and Essex to Outback Australia, where he intends to sell it to a mysterious Aboriginal tribe with magical realist ambitions.

Ask The Flask (international workshop)

Ask the Flask 2013-14
Chronicle of “Ask the Flask”
The international online workshop “Ask the Flask”, which mainly deals with the issue of water scarcity, was completed from October 2013 to March 2014 with the participation of students in primary, secondary and tertiary schools ( university), who came from countries facing a severe problem of water scarcity as well as countries with adequate water supply. Groups from Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Greece (5), Iraq, Kenya (2), and the United Kingdom participated in the workshop.

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