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Searching for the right measure

This work was shown at BITEF (Belgrade international theater festival) on 21st September 2006 in Belgrade, Serbia.

“In the time of invisibility”, BITEF, Belgrade Photographed by: Natasa Matovic

Searching for the right measure

According to the scientific researches 72% of human body is water.

My body weight is 56 kg. Capacity of the water that my body contains is 40.32 ℓ.

In this work I am offering the amount of water that I have in my body,

Sail Still

CCA art gallery, Torun, Poland
curated by Victoria Vesna

PVA MediaLab Bridport

This video installation develops the cultural themes of the feminine, water, transformation or the mythical ‘shapeshifting’ capabilities of creatures like the ‘sirens’ and traditions of their danger to men; how this has impacted on romantic perceptions of stereotypes and the personal experience of femininity. Glass and salt are used as symbols for the seductive, fragile, dangerous, and ultimately life – giving fluidity of water.


Technohoros Art Gallery presents with honor the artist Ulay , invited by the “World Water Museum” installation by Keti Haliori , on Sunday 2nd June at 20.00.

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