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The water that comes. The used water. The water that we come to have.

"El agua que llega. El agua usada. El agua que podemos llegar a tener."
¿El agua que brota del manantial tiene la misma calidad que la que circula en estas tuberías?
El agua de estas tuberías, la que bebemos ¿es la misma agua que sale del edificio?
“The water that comes. The used water. The water that we come to have.”
Has the water from the fountainhead the same quality as the water in these pipes?
The water from the pipes, the drinking one, is the same that goes outside the building?

Oil is thicker than blood

In memoriam to the Prestige desaster in Galicia, Spain, 2002
This experimental video was recorded and produced personally by the author with the only support of a camera Canon 600 D, a glass container with the flower of Jericho, water, oil, ice cubes, two MDF boards with epoxy stained with pigments and 3 small cups made of polyester resin and pigment, as well as different colors of paint.


The following project has an ecologist point of view and protest Among the use and bad use of water. Its simply hides Apparently approach to major problem as well as deep symbolic meanings.

540L / 54''

2013 Audiovisual installation 90 x 6L water bottles, audio and video projection Co-authored with Raquel Checa 540L / 54‘’ is a sculptural and audiovisual project with ecological complaint character. The extractive exploitation (illegal) will abate very significantly the flow of several rivers, dragging irreversibly the valuable ecosystems in which they are located. The installation consists in a prism from 90x6L water bottles. A 540 liters block, the same 540 liters will be extracted from the mountain every 54 seconds to be bottled.

Water my life-Water my death

In an artistic travelogue protest, during the years 2008–2009, five participative public actions took place at the entrance gates-host of Chios, Lavrio, Alexandroupolis, Thessaloniki and Athens. This travelogue project, titled “…the journey...” concerns the dramatic deaths and the tragic accidents of refugees and immigrants, who are drowned in the Mediterranean Sea or killed or amputated by antipersonnel landmines during the crucial moments of “passage” .
The video "Water my life-Water my death" is a part of that project.


“Entrapment plasticity of the infinity sea” is a video art that deals with the notion of being entrapped and trying to survive, keep going. This situation is always changing its form as the sea is in constant movement and changes its state. The images of this video were recorded on different places of the Caribbean Sea (Los Roques in Venezuela, San Andrés in Colombia, Ulila in Honduras, Caye Amberguis and Blue Hole in Belize), the Red Sea (around Hurghada) and the Atlantic Ocean (Bahia, Brazil).

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