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Polymer Filtration Membranes

Available fresh water supplies continue to dwindle as water demand rises from expanding world population, urbanization and industrial development. To meet global water needs, new membrane technologies are sought that allow for cost effective recycling of municipal, industrial, and commercial wastewaters. Membranes with molecular-scale fractionation capability are of further interest for low-cost separations in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Altered States

"Coming from a material science background, my current work deals primarily with issues regarding science, iconography, and identity. My first series, Altered States, is inspired by nano science and quantum mechanics, and deals with deconstructing iconographic images and enabling the transformation of materials to new states: bringing airiness into solid, dense or heavy objects, and creating solid bodies out of fluids and light.

The water that comes. The used water. The water that we come to have.

"El agua que llega. El agua usada. El agua que podemos llegar a tener."
¿El agua que brota del manantial tiene la misma calidad que la que circula en estas tuberías?
El agua de estas tuberías, la que bebemos ¿es la misma agua que sale del edificio?
“The water that comes. The used water. The water that we come to have.”
Has the water from the fountainhead the same quality as the water in these pipes?
The water from the pipes, the drinking one, is the same that goes outside the building?

Waves for Water

The mission is simple: get clean water to every person who needs it.

Access to clean water improves personal and civic well-being, increases overall health, reduces poverty and increases opportunities for education and employment, contributing to the overall advancement of individuals and their communities. We work on the front lines to provide access to clean water through the distribution of portable water filters, the digging and renovating of wells, and the construction of rainwater harvesting and storing systems in places where groundwater is not accessible.

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